All About AmyLynn

I’m an Iowa girl born and raised in the midwest USA.  My time is spent creating art, connecting to other people, and exploring the world around me. Through the past 5 years and during undergrad studies I had the opportunity to develop and strengthen the passion, desire, and ability to travel and now live abroad.  I took baby steps starting with week long service trips coordinating art and painting projects with a not-for-profit in Guatemala (Caminos de Esperanza), followed by a 2 month spanish-language immersion program in Arica, Chile. South America fits me well and I missed Chile so much I headed back in 2009 to lead independent screen printing courses while overseeing the CISP study abroad program for my university. After student teaching at Cairo American College during the fall of 2010, I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Art Education as well as Spanish.  Now I’m living my dream and completing my first year of teaching at the American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India on a 2 year contract teaching upper elementary art.

Upon moving here in August of 2011 I met the man of my dreams, Dax, and in December 2011 I said “yes!”. Can’t wait to be married this coming July. So much excitement in my first year on the job, first year in India….. So much to be thankful for…

I’m always up for adventures and love the people I get to meet along the way.  Hugging is what I do best but I’m hoping to dabble a bit in Hindi in my time here in India to keep up with the alliteration I love oh so well…. 😉


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