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Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose

Image…There have been so many joys and trials in the time since I last blogged that I really hardly know where to start. But what I can share with much gratitude and happiness is that Dax and I have seen the favor and strength and love of our God in so many ways each and every day during this season of wedding preparations. It’s been an emotional and physically exhausting roller coaster of things to do both in Bombay and back here in Iowa but through it all, God has been on our side and fighting our battles smoothing the way  before us to open doors and open minds and hearts to help us get everything ready for this special day coming oh so soon.  Indian tailors, packing and moving for school expansion, delayed travels home, tastings, tiramisu cake, generous reception hall manager, great photographers, flexible  kind hearted individuals and above all else understanding and  unwavering support of our families who bless us daily and have made us better individuals every day and now are preparing us for life as one with a solid understanding of what family is and can be and should always be. Sunday Mum and Dad Garrett arrive with Aiyesha to IOWA!! Tash and Iain following the next weekend along with our wedding party all united by July 3 eve… can’t wait. So happy to be in Iowa. So content with the way things are in life. So very blessed beyond belief.



Officially one month left of school.
Plus a few days…
Until I’m back in Iowa for the summer!
Wedding planning,
Corn-on-the-cob eating,
hamburger grilling,
chilled watermelon,
F A M I L Y time,
sunshine soaking,
clean-air breathing,
farm visits,
dandelion ring making Iowa summer…”

Can’t wait for quality time with my parents and siblings… can’t wait for Dax to be back in Iowa… Can’t wait for all the Garrett’s to visit the midwest for the first time… Can’t wait for alittle rest and relaxation with the ones I love…

One month….

Spring Break 2012

A friend reminded us last night that a great blessing to teaching is the aspect of scheduled holidays and breaks…(in addition to the joy and challenge of connecting with and helping students learn and grow every day of course).  Ironically, I’ve spent every spring break traveling abroad the past 6 years. (Mexico, Guatemala, Guatemala,Pittsburgh, Florida, Seattle) This year… I actually live abroad (and have an income!)… but am staying put for spring break 🙂

Dax and I have been using this much needed pause in classes and school to try to get some planning and logistics figured out for the big day which is now less than 3 months away!  We have visited tailors for both Dax and I (I’ve decided to get my dress made here in India-which is exhausting and exciting), hunted for fabric in Crawford market and a half a dozen lace and fabric supply stores, skyped with family and friends abroad, visited with friends in Mumbai, spent time with family, SLEPT, eaten great food and watched a few movies.  Still to come: finalizing meetings with both his tailor and mine, finish some paintings for Easter arts service this weekend, l.e.s.s.o.n. p.l.a.n.n.i.n.g., cooking Mexican for the Garretts, more skype dates, and goodness gracious me finally finishing our e-invites and website for the wedding.

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Slowly but surely it’s all coming together. I’m really thankful that we’re keeping this as simple and practical as possible… no full on bridezilla moments (yet)… however I do easily get caught up in the stresses of details and reactions from others…. and Dax is such a patient supportive groom-to-be…

Now in the midst of all this planning and preparing, we settle into another day in this holy week where we focus on the gift we recieved on the cross through Jesus… I am already eagerly living in the joy of the fact that on the third day, He rose again…

wonderful weekend

sports day, after school screenprinting kiddos, stay-home night with the Garretts, Saturday in Lonavala visiting the Sowers of Seeds Life Center, art time with 23 enthusiastic youth, Sunday worship with great music and a message centered on 1 John 4, impromtu afternoon at the Kala Ghoda art festival with Dax and Jeremy, tons of creative people having a good time, beautiful weather…  What a wonderful weekend.

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Hello December!


Just as this place is starting to feel more and more like home (artwork hung, lamp bases bought, floor cushions covered)… It’s time to start the countdown to my midwest home :). See you in 19 days Iowa!!

On a (much) brighter note….

One month from today, on December 19, Dax and I will be boarding our flight (s) back to good old Ioway where I will get to see these people, my megan(s), and so many other dear friends and family….. How’s that for a pick me up? 🙂

Pulse check.

Yes, I’m still alive… No, I haven’t forgotten I have this blog… Supposedly filling you in and keeping record of my thoughts and adventures here in Mumbai… And while I’d love to catch up right now, personal narrative first trimester grade reports are due this week and mine are merely halfway done. So. in a nutshell, this is what the past 5 weeks have looked like:

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-BUSY busy busy art room: grade 5 printmaking, grade 4 recycled sculpture and tape body casts, grade 3 monochromatic mixed media moody masterpieces (say that 10x fast), grade 2 exploring changes in art materials with watercolor materials, after school art activities doing paper cutting crafts. talk about a brief nutshell…

-parent teacher conferences

-planning planning planning projects

-SLEEPING (first year teaching is exhausting. anyone agree? ideally: in bed by 8, sleep til 6 on school nights…ideally.. typically crash earlier on Fridays….constantly planning, scrambling despite best efforts)…

-attending church and bible study when possible…

-working on fitness… weekly pilates class, just hired a personal trainer with Bobbi Jo and Andrea…

-DIWALI holiday! Week break from school to celebrate the festival of lights in India.. I went to Cairo to visit old friends in Maadi and at CAC for the week. Focused on food and friends and had a nice, safe, return visit to Egypt (void of any and all touristy things)

-Spending time with the Garrett family… visiting Sanjay Gandhi National Park for a day, celebrating Dornford’s birthday, sharing meals, hanging out…

-planning planning planning

-finding (and keeping) balance.

-participating in and helping roll out the first Teacher Training Program workshop for local teachers in India at ASB


-being amazed by india. being irritated by india…

-busy busy art classes…


5 weeks til we fly to Iowa… I’m looking forward to this…