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p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l. d.a.y.

About two months ago a colleague of mine asked me how many personal days I had left and gasped when I told her I had yet to use one…

Life has just been too hectic this year to be gone…Any first year teachers feel me on that? Don’t get me wrong- I’ve missed for sick days- but it’s really more work to be away..Not to mention I’ll be missing for FRRO nex week too (visa renewal). But I believe the course of this year has definitely given me every reason to request to use these personal days while I can.

Dax and I have tomorrow off (quite likely his second? personal day off in his 6 years at ASB) and I can’t even fully express how much I am already appreciating that, sitting here as my eyes are drooping and my body is aching. We have been going non-stop for as long as I can remember- my awful cough the last 5 weeks has not helped the slightest. This week my new schedule of running up and down flights of stairs to 2nd,3rd,4th,and5th grade classrooms (located on 4 different floors at ASB) while carrying everything I need to teach for the day is taking a toll on my post-crazy-art-room-packing body. My back pack broke yesterday and I am getting used to moving from chair to chair as meetings arrise, classes invade spaces, and HS students chatter beside me. I am as drained as I can be.. and an extra day of rest is just what the doctor is ordering right now.

As much as I could envision myself simply sleeping the day away we do have a number of things to attend to… An appointment for fabric shopping at a linen market for the guys’ outfits with Dax’s parents, picking up beading samples from Dax’s tailor for mine to apply the same materials to my dress, ring shopping, honeymoon planning, detail arranging, and actually now a doctor’s visit will all happen throughout the course of the next 24 hours.  We’re looking forward to it!

And then.. We’ll go to sleep, and wake up to a Saturday… what a good good feeling (if I momentarily forget about the 240 personal narratives I need to write by next Friday).

Personal day… you couldn’t have come at a better time…

ps. I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of going home to Iowa in just a few weeks!



Officially one month left of school.
Plus a few days…
Until I’m back in Iowa for the summer!
Wedding planning,
Corn-on-the-cob eating,
hamburger grilling,
chilled watermelon,
F A M I L Y time,
sunshine soaking,
clean-air breathing,
farm visits,
dandelion ring making Iowa summer…”

Can’t wait for quality time with my parents and siblings… can’t wait for Dax to be back in Iowa… Can’t wait for all the Garrett’s to visit the midwest for the first time… Can’t wait for alittle rest and relaxation with the ones I love…

One month….

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through C h r i s t , who strengthens me.




Yesterday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Our church decided to celebrate by showcasing the various artistic talents within our community.  These are the paintings I made for this service along with a little written reflection on the meaning … Continue reading


I love Snail Mail :)

I love Snail Mail :)

Great day…. I got a photo book my mom made of our Europe trip in the mail, along with family photos from Christmas, a postcard from Carrie when she visited Costa Rica, an awesome “I love you more than Bacon” valentine from Chris, and a new magazine with artsy photos… Perfect way to start my Thursday.

Good morning, Lord…

Image…it’s a beautiful day, good morning Lord, I’m going your way.

Open my eyes, and let me see, someone who needs a friend like me,

I know that I, can surely be, loving caring, always sharing…

Good morning Lord, it’s a beautiful day,

Good morning Lord… I’m going your way.

It’s waking up to beautiful mornings like this -with a relatively quiet street, bright sunshine, birds chirping, fresh-ish air- that really bring back that song I sang as a child growing up in church… Happy Sunday everyone!

love song.