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Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose

Image…There have been so many joys and trials in the time since I last blogged that I really hardly know where to start. But what I can share with much gratitude and happiness is that Dax and I have seen the favor and strength and love of our God in so many ways each and every day during this season of wedding preparations. It’s been an emotional and physically exhausting roller coaster of things to do both in Bombay and back here in Iowa but through it all, God has been on our side and fighting our battles smoothing the way  before us to open doors and open minds and hearts to help us get everything ready for this special day coming oh so soon.  Indian tailors, packing and moving for school expansion, delayed travels home, tastings, tiramisu cake, generous reception hall manager, great photographers, flexible  kind hearted individuals and above all else understanding and  unwavering support of our families who bless us daily and have made us better individuals every day and now are preparing us for life as one with a solid understanding of what family is and can be and should always be. Sunday Mum and Dad Garrett arrive with Aiyesha to IOWA!! Tash and Iain following the next weekend along with our wedding party all united by July 3 eve… can’t wait. So happy to be in Iowa. So content with the way things are in life. So very blessed beyond belief.



Officially one month left of school.
Plus a few days…
Until I’m back in Iowa for the summer!
Wedding planning,
Corn-on-the-cob eating,
hamburger grilling,
chilled watermelon,
F A M I L Y time,
sunshine soaking,
clean-air breathing,
farm visits,
dandelion ring making Iowa summer…”

Can’t wait for quality time with my parents and siblings… can’t wait for Dax to be back in Iowa… Can’t wait for all the Garrett’s to visit the midwest for the first time… Can’t wait for alittle rest and relaxation with the ones I love…

One month….

Ok.. “Plan, a wedding”…

In less than six months, 8,176 miles away, with the wedding party in 4 different countries,
and just over 3 weeks back in Iowa before the wedding itself…

No big deal… right? … Many prayers of blessing have already gone over this process, and I’m very thankful to be going through this with the most loving, supportive, prayerful families I could ask for… And (though I may be bais I think I’m right) the best fiancee in the world.

Bring it on: July 3, 2012 ❤

home for the holidays

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It’s already been one week since Dax and I were in Iowa spending time with my friends and family; celebrating the birth of Christ and the beginning of a new year… We were blessed with a length winter break from school and surprised our family by moving our flight tickets up 4 days at the last minute, so we were able to enjoy 15 days stateside.  Dax was introduced to over 60 immediate family members and many friends in Winterset, Des Moines, and Cedar Falls. I loved the chance to show him around UNI and spending time with my brother and sister.  As always when you live abroad and it comes to visiting family, there is never enough time… but we did have quite a wonderful time and it was the perfect way to spend our holidays…