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Updates from the Art Room…

What a busy year it’s been in the art room. We showcased our student talent during the annual Elementary Art Exhibition two weeks ago and had great attendance and support particularly from parents and peers. The show displayed one masterpiece from every student in KG-Gr 5 at ASB (over 300 individually hung and labled pieces!) It was my first time setting up a student exhibition…aside from the routine bulletin boards and individual project displays in schools…

It was a lot of work, but so rewarding to see the students walk their parents through the display with pride and explain their artwork to their friends and siblings.   Already brainstorming plans for contiuining the exhibition in our new facility next year.

As we began taking down the artwork from the exhibition to send home with the kids, we recieved notice from the leadership team at ASB that in order to complete renovation and construction plans on our current facility, we would need to physically move out of and close 30% of our current educational space.  Which includes 50% of the ES floor- which includes the art room.  So Friday, Jayshree Deepa and I sent our classes out to their homerooms for lessons or time with their teachers, and used the day to begin the exhausting task of packing the art supplies.


We packed up 52 boxes…working nonstop from arrival at school until my after school screen printing kids showed up at 3.. We’ve planned ahead and set aside the supplies needed to finish the year in baskets that will be stored in classrooms for the last 5 weeks of school.  Add it to my list of “things I never imagined doing in my first year teaching” 🙂 No surprise I slept 12 hours last night…
Blessing to this frantic packing madness: we won’t have to worry about packing it all the last week of school…

More life, family, wedding updates to come with time… but a peek into work for now… no matter what comes my way though:

I have set the LORD continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8



In the midst of surviving (and some moments I’d venture to claim thriving) in my first year of teaching… I put together this slideshow of the year’s explorations and adventures in Art to show at an elementary assembly at school to publicize the upcoming art exhibition we’ll be having at ASB in April.  It’s a good reminder of everything that went well this year-as I’m really in the process of reflecting how to improve and change for the next go around with some of these projects and units.  It’s been a darn good year 🙂

so many reasons to give thanks

… an extra day in February, my first ASB UnPlugged conference + presentation, a life filled with great friends, restored health, Dax making me smile in new ways every day, trimester 2 narratives complete, getting back to the gym, thankful for safety on the roads in Mumbai and intruiged by imagining the story behind each rickshaw driver I encounter, awesome strawberry peach froyo, great stuff happening in art classes…

And I’m thankful to have a relatively peaceful upcoming weekend with time to Skype with family and update you properly on many of the above mentioned happenings.. but for now.. I’ll leave you with a photo that never ceases to make my day in India: buying food wrapped in recycled newspaper bags.. In this case, one dozen eggs to go 🙂

It’s a new day, it’s a new year

The last twopointfive weeks back in Mumbai have involved a fair amount of readjusting from “holiday” life… It feels almost as though we’ve been back at it months.. but luckily that’s not the case and there is still time to keep incorporating new ideas and improvements to my art room that I’ve thought of through reflection, read up on through other phenominal educators, or even been so lucky to discuss with colleagues.. I’ve been busy socially, professionally, physically, mentally, emotionally…. But mostly feeling good stress and inspiration… For now… here is my near future to do list in the coming months:

-Prepare my presentation for the upcoming ASB UnPlugged Conference
Enter Polish up my online curriculum so I can really take advantage of the reflective tool that it is
-Take more photos with Copernicus. In and out of class…
-Keep regularly attending fitness classes at a local gym in bandra (Just got home from 2 solid hours of Body Pump and Body Balance classes… my body is ready for beeeeeed)
-Start planning for the spring art show
-Attempt a few more Rosetta Stone Hindi Lessons
-Get my kiddos voicethreads embeded in their classroom e-portfolios
-Help figure out/get on board with the upcoming fifth grade exhibition unit
-Start an elementary ed art blog
-Paint with my new Koi watercolors every single day

Koi Travel Watercolor Set- Christmas gift from my parents...love.